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Financial Planning

A comprehensive Financial Plan will encompass all aspects of your financial life. The plan's purpose is to assist you in maximizing the use of your available financial resources to assist you in achieving your specific goals and objectives.

The probability of achieving those goals is greatest when the Financial Plan integrates the funding of those goals with effective wealth management, specialized tax planning, and estate planning.

A Financial Plan will change with you and a good financial advisor will build a long term relationship with you to address your changing situation and to advise you of key changes in things like investment strategy and tax law changes, etc.

Tax Planning

Taxation is a major factor in most Canadian's lives.  This is especially true if you have a good income and a portfolio that generates additional income or growth as well. 

Our experience is that even retired individuals are heavily affected by taxation (because they have income but none of the corresponding employment-related deductions and credits).

Controlling taxes and taking a proactive approach to personal taxation is absolutely essential.

Tax planning involves a close examination of your current and past tax situation as well as your current portfolio, income situation, and assets, meshing your situation with our knowledge of the Income Tax Act and developing a long term strategy to employ both one time and ongoing tax savings.  There are no "one size fits all" tax plans.  The best solutions for you depend on your own specific situation.  

Frequently we find this type of planning to be highly cost effective.  The planning pays for itself over and over in the form of ongoing tax savings, year after year.

Retirement Planning

Chances are if you are nearing retirement or even if retirement is several years into the future. there are several nagging questions.

Retirement Planning involves a lot of listening to you and understanding your retirement goals.  We make conservative assumptions and run projections and analyse based on your current situation.  We then compare those projections to your expectations and goals and determine the best way to move forward and if you are on the right track. Typically, we find this type of planning addresses a lot of the questions above with some very concrete answers and provides clients with the ability to ensure that they are on the right path to a successful retirement.

Risk Management

We can evaluate your current insurance coverage and ensure that you have a proper coverage based on your situation. 

Here we consider three things: first, do you have enough coverage (too much perhaps); second,, is that coverage cost effective; and, finally, is the coverage the right type of coverage and is it with a quality company.

Risk Management involves considering risks and factors that you might not otherwise consider:

  • If you die, what happens to your family?

  • What if you become disabled?

  • What if you become critically ill or need care in a nursing home?

  • Other risk factors that might be very specific to your own specific situation (e.g. owning a business, a second marriage, etc.).

Risk Management Planning takes a comprehensive look at your specific situation and addresses what your specific insurance needs are.  First, we determine the amount of debt and other liabilities in your picture, we consider your family situation and their needs should something happen to you or your spouse.

These plans examine covering a variety of financial needs that might arise at the death or disability of a family member:

  • paying off debt like mortgages, loans, etc.;

  • replacing income for the surviving spouse and family;

  • educational funding for surviving children;

  • paying for care for a disabled family member;

  • covering final expenses like funeral costs and final estate fees and taxes.

This plan is committed to writing and we review and update the plan and change your insurance as changes to your circumstances might dictate.


Having an independent advisor that works for you and shops the market for you can help to optimize your Risk Management Plan and ensure you are covered in a cost effective manner.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning is the process whereby your affairs are arranged to ensure the orderly transfer of your assets to your chosen beneficiaries and ensuring that your estate is distributed the way you want it to be.

Proper Estate Planning also ensures that your assets and affairs are arranged in a manner so as to minimize estate costs and taxes at death.

There are many components to a proper Estate Plan and just like the pieces of a puzzle, each piece must be designed to fit the objectives of your entire Estate Plan. 

Dramatic increases in probate fees and user fees for Probate Court along with the looming possibility of a provincial or federal estate tax in Canada make this type of planning important in order to minimize or eliminate these costs.

Typically Estate Planning is highly cost effective, as having such a plan in place will generally save a family a substantial sum of money upon death.  This is yet another example of how proper planning pays for itself over and over again.

Planning for Small Business Owners

Small business owners are faced with a unique set of circumstances.  There is much benefit to a small business owner completing some comprehensive Financial Planning. 

For a business owner, a proper Financial Plan will address the following:

  • minimizing the total taxes paid both on a personal level and at the corporate level through a strategic Corporate Tax Plan;

  • providing solutions to the unique risk factors faced by self-employed individuals;

  • ensuring a proper succession plan is in place for the business should a key person die;

  • looking at key strategies for retirement (selling the business, or finding alternative management)

  • Cash flow management and bugeting assistance;

  • Corporate Tax Preparation /Personal Tax Preparation;

  • Structuring of Corporations or other forms of business, as applicable.

Cross Boarder Planning

Whether you work in the US and live in Canada or you are considering a cross-border move, there are many things you need to consider from a Tax and Financial Planning standpoint:

  • the overall tax consequences of your move;

  • the paperwork and documentation that must be filed with CRA and the IRS;

  • the best way to manage your investments and benefits within both countries;

  • personal and/or corporate tax returns are you required to file.

Since our principal financial planner has experience in the realm of tax law in both the US and Canada as well as tax treaties, we are aptly qualified and experienced to handle any tax situation between the US and Canada on both a personal and corporate level.

For more information on our planners please go to the our firm section.

Tax Preparation

One of the key services we offer to clients on an ongoing basis is preparation of their annual income tax.  We believe that using our tax preparation services offer clients some very key advantages:

  • Robb Lovell  preps, prepares and reviews all returns personally.  Your returns are never handled be a student or trainee as is the case with some other firms.  Further, this means that someone that is familiar with your own personal situation and who is highly experienced with taxation and legislation is preparing your returns.

  • Robb takes the time to sit down with you one on one to review your return in detail and explain your situation in simple terms and even offer suggestions to improve your situation where possible.

Having your planner prepare your returns allows us to carefully review your situation and determine if and where we can make improvements to your tax strategy on an ongoing and regular basis.

US Citizens in Canada

We are completely familiar with the paperwork to file taxes for a US citizen if you are living in or have assets in Canada.  

We also can advise you if you hold property in the US and help you deal with Estate Tax on your assets.

These are important issues to consider if you are a US citizen residing in Canada​.

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