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The Financial Planning Process 

Our process starts with taking the time to listen and understand your needs and goals and then taking the time to develop a thorough plan.  Contrast this with a broker that might be simply trying to sell you a financial product.

Your Financial Plan

Financial plans are a blue print helping you build your financial house.  Done properly, this highly personalized document will provide you with an overview of your financial affairs and show you what the right financial tools are for you and will help you to achieve the goals you have discussed with our planner.

Most financial plans will discuss important aspects of your financial life like:

  • Estate planning

  • Tax planning

  • Risk Management planning

  • Savings and Investment planning

  • Strategic use of tax Shelters

  • Retirement and Savings Projections

Steps in the Planning Process
STEP 1- Gather Information and Determine Goals

We work with you to determine where you are now and discuss your goals and we set objectives


STEP 2- Develop and Discuss Plan

Once we have developed a financial plan for you, we sit down with you and discuss this plan in detail to ensure you have an understanding of the plan.

This is a key part of our commitment to educating and informing our clients on an ongoing basis so they can achieve a good understanding of their financial life.

STEP 3-  Implement the plan

We work as an independent broker to shop the market for you and find you the best and most suitable investment and insurance products to meet your needs.  We also refer you to firms and individuals within our network to address items as needed (such as wills or power of attorney documents) to complete your full financial plan.

STEP 4- Maintain and Review

Our lives change over time and, therefore, so must your plan.  We conduct annual reviews with our clients to ensure their affairs are on course and if things change for you, we are always there as your planner to provide advice and direction.

Also, markets change and having a firm that can manage your investments and help you make required changes is essential.

We can provide the ongoing help and expertise and can provide you with the value of a long term relationship with an experienced planner that knows your affairs and goals.

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