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Our Clients

We work with clients from all walks of life from new graduates to retirees. We know from experience we work best with clients that have the following attributes:

Proactive: Clients that know what they want in life and are willing and ready to take proactive steps the get there;

Positive: We enjoy people that, like us, are positive and live their lives with a optimistic outlook;

Prudent:  Clients who will live below their means and understand the importance and benefits of building assets;

Patient:  Clients that enjoy the journey as much is the destination, those that can step back and appreciate results and achievement over time;

Coach-able:  We love clients that are eager to learn and be actively involved in understanding their financial affairs.



Who's Shopping for you?

Different companies offer an array of investment and insurance products.  The options are endless and can be overwhelming.

 We can also show you the options available from each company so that you get the blend of financial products that best fits your needs at the best prices.

We look at not only the price of the coverage but also review the financial strength and solvency of the insurance company.

What to bring to your first meeting with us:

  • Your most Recent Tax Returns including the Notice of Assessment;

  • Your insurance policies;

  • Employee Benefits handbooks, pension information, DPSP and stock option plan statements;

  • All investment statements (both Registered and Non Registered);

  • Mortgage statements and information on any other debts;

  • Copy of your will and power of attorney documents;

  • A list of your monthly expenses (monthly budget);

  • Anything else that pertains to your financial situation.

Do you have a mortgage? Did you fill out a simple Insurance form at the bank for insurance? Think you are insured?    ... THINK AGAIN...

Click the house for the link for the CBC Marketplaces special on the faults of Bank Mortgage Insurance.

This 20 minute video clip can help you avoid a pitfall that could cause the loss of one of your family's biggest assets.

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