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7th Wave Proper Insurance

Cost Efficeient

When purchasing a home it becomes one of the most important assets to protect. Mortgage protection plans that will be offered from your lender, and while they are quick to issue they are not necessarily the in your best interest .

The problem with your lenders mortgage protection plan is that THEY own the policy not you. Mortgage insurance from your lender will be paid directly to the lender, which potentially could leave your loved ones with no income replacement, with final payments of taxes on death, and  left with many financial uncertainties.

Here at 7th Wave Financial Solutions, We provide insurance solutions that will keep your families best interest in mind, we protect your family not your lenders.


With over 20+ insurance carriers we will find you and your family the best coverage at the best monthly rates with up to 66% less the cost of your current lenders.   

Example: See below for monthly rate comparison

Do you qualify ?

Are you a 1st time home buyer? Is your combined income less than $120,000? If so you could be eligible to receive up to an extra 10% towards your down payment, decreasing your total monthly mortgage payments! 

SAVE 65.56%

35 Year Old Male, Non-Smoker, Elite Health 

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Monthly $ Rates

$350,000 Mortgage Over 20 Years

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Control Outcome

Your family controls the outcome, not your lender

Why do we need insurance and what are we protecting?

The Answer is your family and loved ones.  Proper Insurance will assist them in paying bills and keeping financial stability when you are gone.

Insurance plans from your lenders will only protect them not your family. This could potentially leave your family in financial uncertainty with not being able to protect against loss of income, debt, school loans, tuition costs, car payments, retirement, funeral costs and day to day living expenses.

7th Wave allows you to choose the beneficiary, to provide you control over your policy insuring your family not your lender. We give your beneficiary the ability to control the financial situation not your lender. Our plans flexible for and provide funds quickly if needed

Insurance that stays with you even if you move homes

Are you moving homes? Changing address? Renewing your mortgage? Refinancing? Depending on your situation you may not be covered under your lenders plan while potentially acquiring changes in cost.

7th Wave plans will stay with you for your entire term meaning we lock your premiums  for a specific period of time such 25 years where as your lender will renew your term and increase your insurance cost every five years.

Example, on a typical five year fixed mortgage.

Today you are 35 years old locked in on a five year fixed mortgage with a $300,000 balance at 3.54%; you are healthy and paying $51.00 a month under your lenders insurance plan.

Five years later you are now 40 and your mortgage is up for renewal at 3.54% on $259,032.23 reaming balance on your mortgage. You are healthy and now paying $62.17 a month under your lenders plan.

But you should ask yourself why am I paying more even though my balance owing is decreasing?   This is not the case with the plans we offer at 7th Wave 

Let’s take a look at how our insurance  plans will match up to your lenders plan over a 25 year term.

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Patrick Murphy, Planning Associate 

Why We're Great >


Here at the 7th wave we provide our clients with a industry changing service. Our open arms welcoming approach will leave you feeling trusted, cared for and relaxed. 

*These rates are started at the assumed age of a Male 35 year old with elite status*

top 4 reasons


The process ensures that Life insurance is guaranteed to pay out once approved


Life insurance will stay with you no matter where your loan is at. This allows you to shop for the best interests rates for your loan 


Flexible locked in premiums for the term of your choice  and generally cheaper rates 


Choose a beneficiary  directly at your choice where as mortgage  insurance will only s

Top 4 reasons to choose

Term Insurance over Mortgage Insurance

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