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Below are articles and selections from our Newsletters which we hope you will enjoy and will help provide some information on various aspects of Financial Planning.  If you 

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The 5 Realities of Markets 

With the melt down of 2008 and relatively flat and volatile markets that have occurred since sometimes it's important to to stand back and try to see the big picture... 

Why Diversification still works

Got all your eggs in one basket?  That's a mistake, it's important to diversify in markets and have your funds diversified across asset classes as well... find out more...

How my Accounts are Protected

The Government offers protection on funds you have invested in Canadian Financial Institutions but you should have a grasp of the rules and how they work in order to take full advantage of these guarentees.

Paying down that Mortgage faster could be costing you more than you think

​If it's a choice between paying down that Mortgage or other debt or doing your RRSP, the wrong choice could cost you thousands.  With the right strategy, you can do both using money that would have been otherwise lost to taxes.

The Case For Dividends 


Dividends can offer an important and consistent rate of return for your portfolio and have some tax advantages as well... read more about the case for having Dividends and dividend oriented income in your portfolio.

RRSP or TFSA  Using Tax Shelters to boost your portfolio


The Tax Free Savings Account can be a valuable tool to help you shelter and achieve growth in your portfolio on a tax free basis.  This article talks about the new TFSA and contrasts it with an RRSP to show you how each tax shelter works.  TFSA accounts work very well for younger people who can shelter growth for many years and then access their funds tax free and for older and retired individuals who find themselves past the age for RRSP contributions or without RRSP room.

Top 10 Financial Pitfalls For Canadians


 The common financial mistakes we make, what are the common pitfalls and how you can avoid them? 

Living Benefits

​When most of think about insurance, we think about Life Insurance but Living Benefits cover risks and help you survive a Critical Illness or a disability.  These types of risks are high and often an important and overlooked part of most people's risk management plan...

US Citizens living in Canada Read this!

Important information on the IRS crackdown and your requirement to file US returns and financial disclosure forms.

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